Ecstatic Dance

Deva hosts a weekly Ecstatic Dance & Singing Circle

Venue: Samadi Bali
Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm

 Ecstatic Dance is a moving meditation practice that invites us to allow our intuition to take over our body movements. As we do this our energy begins to flow more freely and we feel a deep connection to ourselves and our inner power.
We can experience deep insights and healing from the practice of free movement. As we awaken the innate wisdom of our inner dancer we become our own healer, releasing old patterns of stuck energy in the body.
Ecstatic Dance has its roots in Shamanic Trance Dance where indigenous tribes people dance and enter trance for vision, for healing, for connection to a higher power.

In a typical Ecstatic Dance session with Deva we honour and dance through the elements of the temple of our body, allowing movement and sound to be freely expressed.
After this expression of bodily freedom we surrender to the earth and absorb the soothing vibrations of sound healing.
We end together in songs of celebration and gratitude for life!
This self healing, ecstatic journey is supported by guidance and rocking music