Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa by musician Marco Das

Deva has been holding space for transformation through Ecstatic Dance since 2012. She fell in love with the intuitive practices of Shamanic & Ecstatic Dance 20 years ago.

Blessed to have been guided by the Shamans of Peru, Yogi’s in India and International Yoga & Ecstatic/Shamanic Dance teachers and communities, the Ecstatic practices she shares are all to invoke our inner healer, our inner shaman, through the use of intuitive movement, breath and sound.

Sound Healing is a big part of her offering as she uses her voice to channel healing frequencies and sounds, also known as the Language of Light.
Also a Yoga teacher for many years, with a background in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra, she now loves sharing her own intuitive style of Yoga in Ecstatic Flow and Tantric Yoga.
Deva’s approach is based on the premise that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, that we are all divine beings and that our pathway to divinity is simply for us to let go and allow ourselves to be our most natural self.
Born in Scotland, Deva lived and taught in London and Cape Town for years. Now Bali is the island she and her son Jai call home